The best Water Damage Service in San Antonio, TX

Damage caused by water can be extensive and come from the least expected area. We hear of storms tearing away the roof of a home, trees damaging the roof when they fall and even flood damage from a heavy rainfall. Then there are the routine pipe breaks and leaks from taps that suddenly decided to begin leaking allowing water to spread all over the place. This is when a professional water damage service in San Antonio, TX company like Flood Pro can offer a life line and help with the clean up and repair of all the damage.

Small roof leaks can sometimes cause much more damage than one would imagine. A small leak during a light rain storm that lasts all day allows water to penetrate the attic, into the insulation and then onto your ceiling or down between the walls. A water leak like this can damage the celling, the walls and even the flooring over night when you least expect it. Water damage service includes drying out the flooring, the drywall, and arranging to repair your leaky roof. If necessary, the insulation can also be replaced or allowed to dry.

Depending on the situation, your water damage may need pumps to remove water in the basement, large fans to dry out the flooring, and removal of drywall that is soaked and cannot be repaired. One of the largest concerns is the buildup of mold. Mold can grow quickly, looks unsightly and can cause environmental issues inside your home affecting your health.

Don’t hesitate to call for water damage service in San Antonio, TX from Flood Pro to avoid more serious damage and to reduce the chances for mold to begin growing. We can have a team on site quickly, assess the situation and begin repair services almost immediately. Don’t hesitate, call now for help from Flood Pro.